Working towards sustainability

As the largest wholesaler in Scandinavia, we have a significant influence on the choices made by the everyday consumer and the impact those choices have on the enviroment. We take that responsibility seriously and we are constantly looking into climate-friendly solutions. The task is challenging and it requires our constant focus and willingness to make difficult, informed decisions. But the journey is ours to take. And we are proud of striving for a greener tomorrow.


Bamboo is a sustainable and natural material. It’s a great replacement for wood and plastic. The bamboo grass grows at a speed of up to 1 meter a day and therefore releases more oxygen than trees. This has a positive impact on the CO2 emission and is very beneficial to our enviroment. Our aim is to replace plastic parts with bamboo - wherever possible.



Ocean Plast is made of plastic waste from the fishing industry such as ropes and nets. By using this waste material to make beautiful products we can reduce the production of new plastic and ensure that ropes, nets and other plastic waste will not pollute our oceans and affect our entire ecosystem.



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