Our brands

Rawlink represents a great variety of equipment, maintenance and accessories for
both bicycles and cars. The products are adapted to the everyday needs of private
consumers, and the option for car and bicycle maintenance at home.
Our range can cover the needs of most retailers, and is perfect for seasonal
campaign periods, since Rawlink is for anyone who creates value for money.

Probuilder is a solid product, and is the counterpart to the main brands, that hobbyists
can use for their many projects. Probuilder represents a range of products with width and depth,
which, through its dark colour tones, exudes quality and craftsmanship for all.
Probuilder has a solid base range, which includes everything from screws to
power tools. The battery-powered tools all fit the same battery, which provides
an easier and better workflow, as well as more shelf space.

Outfit is one of our popular garden furniture ranges. The design is timeless, which
makes the furniture a reliable basic range, as it caters to anyone who appreciates
a classic look.
The range stretches from bistro sets, sofas, various covers and, of course, garden
furniture sets, so that everyone’s garden needs are covered. Regardless of product,
Outfit is consistent in its expression as modern and classic, with a focus on

Envy caters to the young style-conscious customer who is looking for an exclusive
and modern design and look in both home and garden.
The furniture is manufactured in materials such as glass and aluminium. It has
been developed with a focus on modern colours and trends. Envy, with its Nordic
minimalism in a stylish and modern shape, catches the eye in stores.

Vila’s romantic style is expressed through warm colours and the beautiful details
on the furniture. The furniture is intended for those who want to decorate their
garden with cosy, romantic items.
The furniture is made from quality materials such as aluminium, since comfort and
quality are an important feature of the range. Vila has always focused on the
details in order to complete the romantic expression. 

The Max tool range represents products that get things going.
Max is a proven low-cost product, where you get more than you pay for.
The products function as a regular part of the range, but are particularly
recommended as promotional items, as they are visually innovative and exciting,
and thus attract attention and interest. This results in a fast-moving item for
your campaigns and flyers. 

Grouw represents a wide range of gardening tools and machines that are adapted to the
market in terms of demand, but are also updated based on the latest trends.
Grouw creates value for money, and with its wide selection and fair price level caters
for all gardeners. The brand’s graphic expression in natural colours creates a stylish
and consistent look in stores, which helps to make it an eye catcher.

The large selection from Day includes a wide range of products for everyday needs,
and covers everything in kitchen and bathroom accessories, lamps and electrical
appliances to furniture and interior design articles, all in the same
stylish design – classic but modern.
Day caters to anyone who appreciates a stylish product in modern tones. The
products always reflect the current trends, which are continuously being updated,
as value for money is the key for Day products.

Dangrill represents an entire universe of barbecues and equipment, and has a focus
on developing products that combine quality and price. Dangrill is aimed at
everybody who enjoys barbecuing. That’s why our gas barbecues are also available
in different sizes and qualities, with a large selection of accessories and equipment.
In terms of design, Dangrill is traditionally built but with Nordic elements so they fit
on any terrace. There are also plenty of picture materials and icons to make it easy
to identify the applications of the products.

Inshape represents our selection of exercise machines and equipment, and is aimed
at anyone with a busy life who wants to maintain a good physique by working out in
the home using a product that offers value for money.
Inshape embraces the many facets of exercise and the products therefore cover a
wide range, from large rowing machines, exercise bikes and treadmills to smaller
kettlebells, yoga blocks and gym mats.

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